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Increased Production of Crude Oil

Increased Production

Increases crude 10% - 60% (or more)

Absolute Safety

Without downhole alteration or interrupting current production

Increased Pump Efficiency

Extends the life of the pump & reduces downtime

Safe for Environment

Without using chemicals


SIP increases production of crude oil by compressing annular free gas according to our proprietary algorithms

A gas bypass at the wellhead


  • A bypass hose connected to the B section casing valve channels the rising free gas in the annulus to the SIP control valve
  • The control valve is linked to sensors and a field computer that open and close it, as directed by our proprietary algorithms
  • The algorithms track real time fluctuations in gas pressure waves created by closing the valve
  • At optimal pressure, the algorithms direct the opening of the control valve
  • The excess gas is released through a second hose connected from the control valve to the production line
  • Pressure in the annulus is well below wellhead tolerance. Our safety record is perfect

Installations at remote sites

Check bellow photos of fully functional sites at remote installations


  • Ideal for mid to heavy API crudes, between 8 and 35 degrees.
  • Works on land or sea, with vertical, horizontal or directional, on both conventional and unconventional wells, regardless of stimulation type.
  • Works on ESP, PCP or rod pumps with annulus open. Cannot help gas lift or naturally flowing wells.
  • Does not work on wells with packers.
  • More than 100 MCF daily of annular gas is ideal, though less only requires more time to calibrate the system.
  • 1,000 feet of liquid above the pump guarantees the safety of the pump, but can work with less.
  • Well integrity must be good.
  • We conduct thorough tests before installation to ensure well parameters are sound.
  • Commercially ideal for wells producing upwards of 50 BOPD

Test Results 2018

Average results after 3 weeks of testing on 3 rod pumped wells Mexico

Well % Increase Oil % Drecrease Water % Pump Fillage
A 481.92 23.04 + 14.57
B 151.13 14.28 + 14.34
C 18.31 16.55 + 41.22

Average results
after 8 weeks of testing on 2 wells

Well % Increase Oil % Drecrease Water % Pump Fillage
Casabe Sur 3
(Rod pump)
21 2.5 Not Available
Casabe Sur 24
(ESP pump)
24 2 Not Available


  • Perfect safety record to date
  • Pressure never exceeds 20% of well tolerance, meeting all API standards.
  • Dual back-up automatic cut-off systems: electronic and pneumatic.
  • Manual cut off lever on the wellhead.
  • External PLC monitor screen that all oil field technicians can read.
  • Data transmission system from well to 24/24 INTEROIL GROUP.
  • Data transmission from well to producer’s control center.
  • Equipment is explosion-proof, class 1 division 1 certified, in a NEMA 4Xenclosure